Most people are familiar with the cannabinoids CBD & THC but few know about the other Cannabinoids.  These other cannabinoids are called minor cannabinoids, as the occur in very small amount in the cannabis plant. The benefits CBD has to offer have been popular. We call CBD a jack of all trades, master of none.  CBD is a good all around preventative and for mild ailments. This is because, on a basic level, CBD blocks the breakdown of our own endocannabinoids, allowing our bodies to use more of our natural endocannabinoids. The Minor Cannabinoids interact directly with specific receptors in our body which is why their effectiveness is much more specific to meet certain needs. There are over 100 different minor cannabinoids that have been identified, some examples of the minor cannabinoids we work with are CBN, CBG, CBGa, CBDv, THCv, Delta 8, &

We use CBD or CBDa full spectrum extract as a base for most of our products as it is the whole plant extract full of cannabinoids & phytonutrients. That is where majority of CBD companies stop but we have taken our products much further for greater effectiveness and specialized results.  We have isolated many of the minor cannabinoids that have very strong properties for specific needs/ailments.