My 21 mo old son stopped talking after tube placement at one year old. He babbles but stopped saying the 8 words he knew and he constantly pulled on his ears.
He stopped responding to his name, fireworks and loud noises didn’t phase him. After his tubes were placed my husband and I noticed his ears never drained or had ear wax. I have been concerned he had a blockage behind his tubes and all the doctors said no he was fine and tested for autism. While we knew a sensory processing disorder may be possible he had no other signs of autism and my mama intuition was telling me he’s not talking because he can’t hear correctly.

I spoke with TJ and his family and they suggested we try rubbing a few drops of the new LuZa CBD product line behind our son’s ears. I started rubbing 1-2 drops behind ear ear at bedtime 5 day’s ago. After the first night my son was banging on my door, I let him in and he ran to my nightstand and brought me the bottle, pulled on his ears and signed please. He also made the “p” sound trying to say it. So this was a huge sign it was providing him relief.
After 5 day’s of rubbing the oil behind his ears I noticed some thick drainage. The picture is gross but this is my proof that this product is incredibly amazing (i will try to post a picture if it lets me). His ears haven’t drained since January. This proves he had a blockage! He also has started playing with his toys that make music and he is putting his ears to the speaker to hear the music.

I cannot thank the entire LuZa family enough!

This has been my first sign of hope for my son and his hearing. It has also proved that I should always trust my mama intuition